Jenn and I drinking Lone Star Beer at Pensacola Beach.

Jenn and I drinking Lone Star Beer at Pensacola Beach.

Real Lies - Dab Housing

[I never know how much I’ll like a band after I post a video. Sometimes I get over it two seconds later and other times I’ll like the band forever. This is very promising. Probably.]

A life ago.

A life ago.

The Raveonettes - Recharge & Revolt

[Their new album just came out and it’s pretty great. This isn’t on there but it’s my favorite song of theirs by far.]

Totorro - Chevalier Bulltoe

[On the same label as Yelle but a ways away in sound. A little mathy, a lot of fun and just post-cereal.]

A few unedited group shots I took in Barcelona. I have 1000+ more to sort through.

SVPER (formerly Pegasvs) - La Melodía del Afilador

[I’m researching Primavera Sound bands now and this one I took to almost instantly. Sorta a half Spanish early era Stereolab which is the best era. I’m doing the slow ramp up to getting excited for this Barcelona trip.]

Hamilton Leithauser - 11 O’Clock Friday Night

[Just the right pace and just the right place. I guess he was just added to Primavera Sound which is perfect because I missed him by one day in Los Angeles.]

The Courtneys - 90210

[Right before I was leaving work yesterday I heard this song along with a couple others and I had to download their album off bandcamp right away. I’ve been sort of obsessing over it to the point I’m contemplating buying a $50 tour fundraiser t-shirt. They’ve somehow extrapolated all of my favorite Pavement and Sonic Youth riffs and made awesome songs out of them. Going to go refresh their tourdate page until they play LA.]